S.M. Baugh Reviews Kenton Spark’s Divine Words In Human Words

We can readily grant and even delight in the fact that God chose to speak to us in the Scriptures through fellow humans. Let me repeat this so that it is not overlooked. The “oracles of God” (Rom. 3:2) are fully divine while concurrently fully human. But we do not grant that the Bible’s humanity necessarily implies that the inspired texts are laced with crippling errors which give inroads to the high priests of critical scholarship who propose that their scientific augury can divine the Bible’s errors for us. Sparks focuses on Scripture’s inerrancy, but a more fundamental issue is its function as our epistemological canon. The word of God is the truth itself (e.g., John 17:17) and is itself the ultimate measure of truth. If the Bible were errant as Sparks claims, then we would certainly be thrown back on Enlightenment criticism with “the disembodied rational self as the arbiter of truth” (Meeks).

Read the whole review here.


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