Quick Plug for a Philosophy of Science Intro

Since working at Oxford University Press (Cary, NC) I have had the opportunity to check books out of our company library. Recently I picked up the book Introduction to the Philosophy of Science: Cutting Nature at Its Seams. The author is Robert Klee; he is professor of Philosophy and Religion at Ithaca College.

The book centers on the debate between realism and anti-realism. Klee leans towards realism (as he says in the last chapter), but fairly represents the anti-realist position. The book is written as an intro to Philosophy should. He makes the subject matter understandable even when introducing difficult subjects, such as Positivism’s language of mathematical logic.

The really interesting thing is that Klee represents the epistemological problems in scientific theorizing not by an appeal to physics, but immunology.  Much of the current debate between realist and anti-realist comes from debates over the proper interpretation of quantum mechanics, but Klee shows that many of the epistemological problems exists in the life sciences also.

I have not finished reading the book yet, but half way through I am more than pleased.


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