P.Z. Myers and Natural Law

The biology blogger blowhard PZ Myers stepped into another issue that he understands nothing about. In his most recent invective driven misrepresentation of a Catholic Bishop in New York City, Myers chastises the Archbishop for thinking that morality is in human DNA. You can read Meyers’ ridiculous caricature here. What Myers failed to note was that the Archbishop was speaking of Natural Law, which is an idea that has pre-Christian roots in Aristotle and the Stoics. For those who actually read philosophy, Natural Law is the theory that human reason recognizes certain actions as morally right or wrong, good or evil. The moral sense in Natural Law theory is analogous to mankinds ability to grasp elementary laws of logic. For instance, most of us, if we are not psychologically inept, believe it is wrong to: torture babies, rape women, and murder other human beings. These actions are just wrong. This is what the Bishop means by morality being “in our DNA”. I could be wrong, but from what I heard in the video I do not think we should take the Bishop in the sense that Myers does.

In the article that Myers quotes from it appears to me that the Archbishop is speaking of “moral DNA” as an analogy to biological DNA. The Archbishop even says in the video segment that the moral since is SORT of like DNA. Note the qualifier there that Myers doesn’t care to acknowledge, because he is more worried about polemical bull shit point scoring than understanding another person’s point of view. People like Myers should be put in a padded room.

So, in the end, instead of Myers showing the Archbishop’s ignorance, he actually shows his own by his inability to even understand a standard philosophical account of man’s moral sense. Myers better stick with biology, because when he talks metaphysics or philosophy  he simply makes a fool of himself.


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